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My 100 lb weight loss journey

I’ve been getting a ton of people asking me what I’ve done to lose over 100 lbs, so I thought I would write it in one place instead of having to type it over and over :)

My journey started a little over a year and a half ago, it was several months after I had my 2nd child and I was done breastfeeding her. I didn’t want to start an extreme exercise/diet while I was feeding her because I’ve heard about toxins being released from losing weight so I wanted to wait. I fed her for well over 6 months and that did actually did help me lose a little weight.

I then went online and was researching different workouts that I could do from home. I finally came across a transformation video of whom is actually my coach now. She had great results so I contacted her and decided to give Slim in 6 a try. It’s a six-week program and I lost over 15 inches off my body. I was hooked! I decided to do something different and started with P90X was so intense for me at first but I did what I could and improved. I couldn’t even do a push-up on my knees let alone a real push-up. Today I’m happy to say that I can do well over 25 push-ups in a row and I keep improving. I’m sure I could push through it and get more but it’s our minds that love to stop us!

I really changed the way I eat as well. I don’t eat fast food and try to eat from home. I also eliminated high fructose corn syrup. I would say that the majority of my meals consist of a good source protein, lots of veggies and then I’ll add in either a brown rice, sweet potato or red potato. I keep things pretty simple and do eat the same meal probably more than once a week. You need to start really look at what you are eating, read ingredient labels. Don’t just look at the calories!

Since P90X, I’m on a new journey and I’m doing the program called ChaLEAN Extreme. It’s similar to P90X but shorter workouts and I love the way it shapes the female body!

Here are my most current before/after photos:

My mission now is to see if I can get a flat stomach again. I’ve had 2 children and also an emergency appendectomy that almost took my life. I’m really ready to show the world that you can go from being 100 lbs overweight plus having children/surgery and still get that body you want. NO EXCUSES!!!

I’m now on a new journey and I’m on a 90 day health challenge, it’s saving me money now on my groceries and I get it FREE every month. Connect w/ me on Facebook at: or you can email me, just click here: Sarah


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